Above:  A visual panel designed to provide visitors with information about the Panorama Rocks in Ilkley.  Below:  The information panel in situ.
Panorama Rocks Board comp.jpg
   Above:  One of a pair of information boards that were produced for St Peter's Church in Addingham, showing a timeline of events throughout the church's history. The angled boards were mounted on specially constructed stone plinths.
   Above:  A small lectern-style plaque designed as one of a series of information boards sited around the town of Horsforth, near Leeds, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War and the town's contribution to the war effort.  Below:  A second plaque displays information about the nearby memorial stone and trees.
Display_Stanhope Plaque.jpg
   Above:  A series of A0-size information panels designed for an exhibition about the town of Horsforth's involvement in the the First World War.  Below:  A series of display panels produced for Harden Park Homes to promote the park homes site and also to provide visitors with information about the local history and natural wildlife of the Goit Stock Valley.
HPH Signs_comp.jpg
   Above:  A set of pull-up banners designed for UK Energy Store.  Below:  A vinyl banner designed for a local community sports and healthy living event.
Display_Horsforth Healthy Living Week banner.jpg
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